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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oh, My Stars! Necklace and Earring Set

Oh, My Stars! Necklace and Earring Set

Materials Needed:
8/0 Miyuki Antique Silver Seed beads (8)
11/0 Miyuki Antique Silver Seed beads (11)
SuperDuo Blue Luster or Preciosa Twin beads (SD)
SuperUno Blue Luster or Preciosa Solo beads (SU)
O beads (O) Jet Full Chrome
4 x 5mm Jump Rings
Clasp, 2 earwires or posts
2 1/2 inch collapsible eye beading needle or #15 needle
7 yards and 2 feet of 4 lb. Fireline (or comparable

This is a spin-off of the Oh, My Stars! Bracelet previously featured on this blog HERE. 

The pattern and some, if not all, of the beads are available for purchase on our website HERE.

Enjoy and, as always, I'm here if you need any assistance or have any questions.  Have a great day!

Friday, May 4, 2018



My name is Tammy and I used to own a jewelry-making business.

However, shortly after launching that business, in 2012, I became ill and was actually bedridden for an entire year.  I am no longer able to sit for extended periods of time to make any jewelry.  Plus, I'm really shaky now, which is quite frustrating.

My husband and I heard the beads and components calling out to us, begging to be handled, so he decided to sell my inventory.  I didn't want to give up beads completely, though.  It's very therapeutic for me to run my hands through them.

I also love to try to design new woven bead jewelry, hence the Oh, My Stars! bracelet and the designs that followed.  I do charge for the patterns as a way to help recoup some of the business costs until the shop and website grow a bit more.

So, he's selling my current inventory and purchasing more beads to resell with the proceeds.  Although, the term "Seed Bead" has broadened in its meaning, that will be the focus for building a new inventory.

It has taken him about three months to post about 1/3 of my current inventory because he's learning the names of them as he goes and he has a lot of questions!

It's funny to watch a man with big hands measuring out 15/0 beads.  And, he's slowly learning the names of them!

He's currently renovating one of the rooms in the house to be his "bead store".  I'll post pictures when it's completed.

I hope to watch "our" shop grow into its name.  But, we know that just like seedlings, it takes lots of care and feeding.  This will be a nice business for him to keep busy with when he retires in a few years.

We also have a website:   Please visit!


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pretty Posy Necklace and Earring Set

Pretty Posy Necklace and Earring Set

8/0 Seed Beads
11/0 Seed Beads
SuperDuos (or Twin beads (SD)
SuperUnos (or Solo beads (SU)
4mm Druks (D)
Jump Rings
Magnetic Clasp
3 yards of Fireline 4lb. or comparable

This set is a spin-off of the Pretty Posy bracelet previously featured on this blog HERE.  I used a much larger Druk (5mm) so that the corollas would create a 3D effect.

The pattern and some of the beads, if not all, are available on our website HERE.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Modified Herringbone Stitch Cable Bracelet

Recently, upon going through my older beading magazines, I found a Herringbone Stitch Cabled Bracelet pattern by Rae Arlene Reller in the February 2009 Bead and Button Magazine.

I was intrigued by the twisting of beading stitches over one another to create the undulating pattern.

The closure for the bracelet on the pattern is a loop and button, which I didn't want, so I modified the pattern on the ends to be able to attach a magnetic clasp.

For a beginner, the pattern may be daunting when it's read, but once you've gotten past the first transfer of the middle colors to the opposite side, you've got it.

I didn't add the 15/0 seed beads on the side of my bracelet, as called for in the pattern. And, I did have problems keeping the beads tightened, especially at the crossover areas, but found it was easy to go back a couple of beads and tighten there, then pull my line tight. The pattern calls for 11 rows between crossovers, but only did 9 so I could get a tighter woven look.  

For a size 6 1/2 bracelet I used:

11/0 Miyuki Silver D4201, count:  400
11/0 Miyuki Mint Rainbow Gold Luster 318C, count 192
11/0 TOHO Dark Blue Lined Aqua TR-932, count 192
5 1/2 yards of Crystal Fireline 4lb. (as one piece)

For the ends, I added three beads to each color end and popped out the middle one, then I added five beads between the two rows on each side, again popping out the middle one.  To finish, I added nine beads to the two points and popped out the middle one, then reinforced it multiple times.  See diagram below.  I suppose I should have used an 8/0 instead of the 11/0 where the jump ring attaches, but I like the uniform look.

I found the pattern available HERE 

This bracelet is so light and delicate!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bordeaux Bronze Necklace Set

Bordeaux Bronze Necklace Set

8/0 Miyuki Metallic Dark Bronze 457D
11/0 Miyuki Metallic Dark Bronze 457D
Matubo SuperDuo Pastel Bordeaux DU0525032
Matubo SuperUno Opaque Amethyst P15726
Matubo SuperUno White Vega Luster
5mm Druks
Earposts or wires
4 yards 4 lb FireLine or comparable wire/thread
Jump rings
Magnetic clasp

I designed this set because I love the way the black druks and bronze seed beads give it such a nice scalloped edge.

The pattern, as well as some of the beads, can be purchased on our website HERE.  

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pretty Posy Bracelet

Pretty Posy Bracelet

8/0 Miyuki Jet Seed Beads 
11/0 Miyuki Jet Seed Beads
Matubo SuperDuo Pastel Coral
Matubo SuperUnos Opaque Red
3 mm Druks
Jump Rings
Magnetic Clasp
2 yards Fireline

I had some girlfriends over to make the Oh, My Stars! Bracelet and while they were doing so, I was playing around with the red SuperUnos because I think they are so vibrant.  And, the Pretty Posy bracelet was created!

If you want the corolla of the flower to stand up more, use a 4 or 5 mm druk.  

Weeks later, I found an article on showing additional flowers that could be made with beads.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one wishing for Spring in February! 

The pattern for this bracelet and, some, if not all of the beads, can be purchased HERE on our website.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Oh, My Stars! Bracelet

Oh, My Stars! Bracelet

8/0 Miyuki Antique Silver
11/0 Miyuki Antique Silver
SuperDuo or Preciosa Twin Beads Ruby Luster
SuperUno or Preciosa Solo Beads Ruby Luster
O Beads Jet Chrome Full
3 Yards of 4lb FireLine or comparable line/thread
2 x 5mm Jump Rings

I was fooling around with the SuperDuos and SuperUnos that were left over after making one of the bracelets on Linda's Crafty Inspirations Blog.  The results were the creation of the Oh, My Stars! bracelet, which Linda has featured on her blog HERE.  

Needless to say, I was honored that she was interested in making the bracelet!  And, the color combinations she used were stunning.

There have been so many combinations of colors used to make this bracelet since and if you're interested in making the bracelet, the pattern and some, if not all of the beads, are available for purchase on our website HERE.  

The bead requirements are as follows:  

I hope you enjoy the bracelet and, as always, help is available here or on our website:

Have a great day!